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Tech gliches are common and hard to avoid entirely. But if you work through the checklist below, in advance, you can minimize the likelihood of problems during your presentation.


If you work for a company with good PC support, enlist their help if necessary for your final Tech review.


  • Be sure to have a backup version of your deck and all handouts or leave behinds on a Thumb Drive/Memory Stick?


  • Make sure you have updated versions of WebEx/GoToMeeting or whatever networking app you might be using from your PC/Notebook, as well as Adobe Flash and Anti-Virus apps. You want to avoid nusiance notify pop-ups during your presentation if you will be online.


  • Run PC Cleaner or a malware blocker to get rid of any adware.


  • Make sure your laptop or tablet is fully powered and you have any adaptors (power and interface) for Apple or PC as may be needed.


  • Make sure you have a wireless mouse/pointer.  Your room my provide one, but it is always good to carry your own as they are relatively inexpensive and will likely be the most important piece of tech you can have (after your computer and projector.)


  • Do you need external speakers to support any audio/video you want to show?  If so, confirm that the room will have speakers or just bring a pair of light weight external speakers.


Remember, it's not whether you experience technical difficulties that matters, it is how you deal with them as they come up.  Be positive and retain undimished enthusiasm.




Theodore May


Internal Communication Strategies for Business

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