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Quick Warm Up


Athletes warm up before going into a game. Good presenters warm up before engaging with their audience.  Warmups can be gentle and discrete and do not have to draw attention to themselves.


It is good to vocalize a little to clear your throat, begin breathing and oxygenating, and warm up your voice. Your voice is your primary instrument for communication and you want it to be firing on all cylinders. If you warm up a little, your first words will be more distinctive, commanding, and attract the attention you want. Activate your resonators by humming softly – lips together, teeth apart until you can feel your chest, lips, and nasal cavities all vibrate. Roll your tongue and practice some soft plosive puh, puh, puh and duh, duh, duh sounds to get your mobile articulators working.


Four simple gently body movements can help to loosen you up a bit and focus the energy in your body:


  • Letting your arms dangle by your side, shake your hand lightly until they feel loose and free. 

  • Rise up an inch or so on the balls of your feet, making yourself a little taller, and bounce slightly up and down.

  • Drop your head to your chest and gently do a full circle neck roll.  Repeat.

  • Slowly raise your shoulders up and try to touch your ears with them and then drop them back down.  Repeat.


Remember you want strong arms and quiet hands.

Theodore May


Internal Communication Strategies for Business

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