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In Performance Mode


You are about to enter performance mode. This requires focus and concentration. You will need to become yourself, not a reflection of what you think other people want to see. Then you will need to become better than yourself by applying your voice and body in a way that acquires transformative power. You are broadcasting your message openly, generously, with energy and clarity to all who can hear it, not coolly narrowcasting to a select and privileged few. Reference pop culture, but don’t be pop culture. Style comes from being true to yourself not the latest fashion.


A presentation is physical. It requires ENERGY. Speak with distinction. Speak with conviction. Walk, stand and turn with authority. Use strong arms, quiet hands. Demonstrate the principles of live performance, not the act of performing.


And then lose yourself to the delivery of your message. The presentation is not about you, it is about the message you have to deliver. Your job is to make sure that every person in the audience receives the message. You want to impress upon them the importance of the message and let them see that you get it. You are excited about it. You are going to follow your own recommendations. And then they will want to do the same.


You will move them through the power of your narrative, personal magnetism, and by your example. Your commitment and physical energy will move your audience to action.



Theodore May


Internal Communication Strategies for Business

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