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In advance of your presentation, be sure to review all of the Media you intend to use. This is your script.


Review/proof read your deck if you have one:

  • Spell check

  • Check all hot links, embedded audio, and videos

  • Provide attribution where required for data, images, audio, etc.

  • Check the format of all slides for consistency: font, size, margins, slide transition, etc.

  • Number all slides

  • Date and "watermark" slides with Copyright or Confidential notice

  • Add your name, title, & contact info to the last page


Review/proof read all hardcopy handouts/leave behinds as above:

  • Make sure you have enough copies


Is your core Message stated clearly in all media and included in more than one place?


(You may refer to the Presentation Perfect app for a more complete media checklist.)




Theodore May


Internal Communication Strategies for Business

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