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Let's Fight

In the French style!



The “fear” you feel is excitement. You’re excited because you have something important you need to share with the audience. Recognize that this excitement is a well of energy that you can tap into, shape, and direct. 


You have the advantage. You know the message, the audience doesn’t, but they need to know it.


Remember the audience wants you to succeed. They want you to be able to deliver the message. They have very low expectations. And they will help you if you let them. Just get the baton into their hands and they will take it from there.


Don’t fear failure… to paraphrase Winston Churchill, “success in life is going from one failure to the next with undiminished enthusiasm.” Keep attacking with undiminished enthusiasm and no matter what happens you will ultimately be successful.


So just get out there and deliver your Message.


Theodore May


Internal Communication Strategies for Business

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