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Event Space


Anticipating the requirements of your event space is important. Try not to leave this for the last minute.


  • Have you confirmed time and location (full address) for the presentation?


  • Do you have directions to get to the location?


  • Do you know what time you need to leave in order to get to the location, with enough lead time to properly set up (including adequate buffer time?)


  • Have you confirmed that the room will have a projector?


  • Have you confirmed any communications devices you might need (conference call dial-in/WebEx #’s)?


  • Does the room have audio capability if you need to play any video or audio files as a part of your presentation or will you need your own speakers?


  • Do you need WiFi? Do you have your own wireless hub or will the room have WiFi?


  • Will the event be video-cast (dress accordingly in solid colors.)


Theodore May


Internal Communication Strategies for Business

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