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Terms of Use


This app is meant to be used in conjunction with Hacking Presentation Technique. While the standalone mobile app provides utility, the full benefit is realized only when the user has an understanding of the theory and techniques outlined in the complete Hacking Presentation Technique program.


This method and technique may not address specific concerns or limitations any individual user may have particular to their own business situation or physical and emotional condition. As such, the results you get may vary. You are soley responsible for your own presentation and its consequences.


Panic attacks can be serious and may indicate a more severe medical problem or lead to injury. Please consult your doctor.


The ideas and concepts presented are tools not rules. The user should take what they find helpful and can use, and disregard the rest. 


You will not always have as much advance lead time prior to your presentation as suggested in the app, but the sequence of events remains the same.


Images licensed from Fotolia.  Music from Purple Planet Music, BenSound, Grace.


Copyright 2015 Theodore May    All rights Reserved.

Theodore May


Internal Communication Strategies for Business

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