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Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs. Now breathe out slowly. The number one cause of panic is forgetting to breathe. Again. Take another deep breath, hold it for a minute, and then breath out slowly, through rounded lips. Just like you are blowing through a straw. Keep breathing, and remember...


Breathing is the most important thing we do. When we stop breathing for more than a few minutes, we cease to be. But as long as we breathe, we’ll be fine. So take another breath. Slow, measured, and deliberate. 


Oxygen spreads from our lungs to every part of the body. It infuses us with strength, energy, and an inner calm. It brings clarity of thinking. It brings resolve and a sense of purpose. To breathe is to be.


Breathing creates a rhythm for your being. Rhythmic breathing allows your heart to set a smooth baseline beat that soft rocks your body and soul.  All good things begin with breathing.


So keep breathing. Slow, measured, deliberate. You are going to be fine. 



Theodore May


Internal Communication Strategies for Business

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