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Presentation Panic (Beta)  

Presentation Panic is a mobile app designed to support the delivery of a great business presentation. The app is a companion resource for the Hacking Presentation Technique method. The focus of the app is on delivering a compelling performance.


Refer to Presentation Panic right up to the last minute before your presentation. The app provides a detailed checklist of everything you need to remember in the 24 hours before, the day of, 30 minutes before, and 5 minutes before show time.  Audio resources are available for those who feel like they are in a panic, or who simply feel unduly anxious. Even if you just need a little help focusing before giving a great presentation, Presentation Panic can help.


Where to Find the Presentation Panic App


Presentation Panic (Beta) is now available as a free mobile app for Android and iPhone in the relevant app stores. The app is optimized for mobile phones.


Search for Presentation Panic in Your App Store

















The app is designed for use with, and may be bundled with, any combination of:


Hacking Presentation Technique seminars

• The Presentation Paradigm online app

• The Presentation Prompter online app









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