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Dramatically improve the quality and effectiveness of business presentations for yourself, your staff and every employee in your company. Offered in seminars, master class environments or individual sessions.



Better Management Begins Here
with Better Business Presentations

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The principles of live performance applied to the business presentation

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A collection of short essays that describe an original and engaging way to prepare and deliver successful business presentations. When you know what you're doing and how to do it, you will discover that there's no need to panic. Find out what needs to happen in a successful presentation and how to make that happen.

What readers are saying:


“unique, and unconventional advice"

“makes the seemingly impossible, possible”

“[for] any student, businessperson, business client, etc."

“[for] beginner, intermediary or advance stages of their experience and skill”

“a very valuable manual”

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Overcoming Presentation Panic

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Discover the secret to charisma

Hacking the Job Interview: Do you know what needs to happen in your job interview and how to make that happen?


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